Ideas are disruptive, not technology 

In transportation “UBER” gave us the opportunity to order a car, a better car more personalized. Technology enabled such idea, ideas are disruptive not technology. Without idea’s technology is useless, technology is born out of ideas. 
Facebook gave us the opportunity to connect with those we went to school with and friends we lost along the way. It’s the idea that’s social disruptive not the technology, technology enabled. 
Airbnb gave is the opportunity to enjoy the local sense in every city we travel too. 

AirBnB being app gave the idea of “Affordable but in fact their price are close to all hotels”. This whole new way of accommodation is disruptive, technology enabled the idea. 
To book your flight tickets, hotels and activity through apps such as Expedia and others are ways to ease the pressure of going through long process of several parties just to have your ticket and hotel confirmed. Technology brought this great idea to life, technology enabled. 
Ideas are the most powerful business tools, they keep your business constant and on top. Without ideas, your money in the bank and all sort of technologies means zilch!!! 
Ideas are disruptive, technology is enabler. 

From my speech in Berlin.

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