The Era of Competitiveness is dead! It’s all about Brand Relevance 

The era of competitive brands is over! 

Each category has strong players from first to third. Today is not about competing but all about Brand Relevance.
In the past, I highlighted the difference between brands and commodities using local examples to illustrate my point. Until today, my region remains stuck in the commodity practice. I pray they evolve to brands soon. 

While design and message are part of brands’ fundamental development, the work becomes irrelevant if the strategic approach lacks foundations that is differential and keeps the brand sustainable. Most advert agencies and design studios discuss brand from design thinking while lacking key fundementals. 
Design and communication are important but only in light of a strategic approach which makes simply more than just logos and fancy taglines. 
Brands need to think of being relevant and stop focusing on their competitors’ strong holds. If you are a CEO or CMO of any company and you can’t “Create Your Space”, you’re doomed. 
Being brand relevant is much greater than being different. In fact, relevance delivers values that demonstrate your attributes during the journey. 
Today’s CEOs and CMOs speak of positioning differently, what does that mean? What is the use of positioning differently if the values remain the same?! Rabea Tea is an example of repositioning without evolving, they failed by repositioning to Lipton’s stronghold.

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