You are the enemy to your  Personal Brand! 

Fear is the enemy of growth and the best friend of remaining into safety. The fear of embracing trial and failure is the self inflected ego, which threathens growth  and nest in false bubble. 

You own your path everything up to fifteen years of age was dictated to you by family, social and school. You never owned your own thoughts and at twenty all your decisions are based on everyone’s opinion and that’s the heart of fear and extremely  threatens  growth. Fear becomes the pivot of all your actions. 
Tradition is tradition but tradition is not growth, librate yourself from one thousand yours old tradition. These traditions served their times not yours, embrace who you are with all your flaws but stand for the values you set no matter what and no matter who. 

To build your personal brand, you need a great fundamental that serves purpose and growth. You need to have the courage, be authentic, emrace your truth, become fearless and believe in yourself. It’s your vision and mission or else you’ll serve others visions and missions. 

If your heart is filled with fear and doubt, you need external assistance before you think on building your personal brand, confidence is sexy and beautiful


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