Outdated Marketers 

Unfortunately, I had many discussions with marketing consultants in the region on Linkedin and offline. 
What concerns me, is that most are outdated with today’s changing environment. Many are still caught in the school of Kotler, seventies and eighties, I have great respect to Kotler but different times require different thoughts and if you failed to adjust you became Irrelevant. 

You can’t bring your outdated school of thought and shove it down today’s generations throat, that’s crazy and that’s the current nature. 
My suggestions is update yourself, go read, attend workshops, volunteer for international practice. If you can’t upscale yourself, you can’t help the company that’s close to lose its existence. I also suggest most of you to upgrade your thoughts on brand, it’s minimal or basic knowledge that you possess. 
If you can’t define the terms, then you’ll fail to understand what comes first, second or follows. 
You can’t just use your P&G experience or other multinationals in the region, that’s tactical and hardly any strategic approach which seems obvious for most work  delivered.

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