Theory is great!!

Dear CEOs and Founders,


I know most of you do not like theories or theorists but allow me to shed some light on some pressing issues. Further discussion of these issues is essential so please participate and engage.

In any great organization, top management is usually made up of theorists and visionaries while middle and bottom management are packed with practitioners.

Set the case

In the Middle East generally, all levels of management are only practitioners. Therefore, the overarching attitude is short-sighted and limited to the scope of day-to-day deliverables.

What comes first: the the concept and theory behind the idea or the product? What comes first: the idea of the business and theory behind the business idea or the manufacturing plant and office building?

These are pressing questions but often left unanswered. Let me be the first to answer.

First, you need the idea, theory, and rational and well-strategized plan before you place a brick in your plant or buy an office building. Second, you need to look at the human capital and culture that will affect everyone, top to bottom.

So long you parachute to the bottom-line and skip all the necessary steps, your business will be focused on short term results, which is the status quo of business in the Middle East.

Before you exhaust your budget on the supply side of the business, you need to determine the demand first and how you will plan to allow your values penetrate on the short-, mid- and long- term.

Remember, Rome was not built overnight and certainly not even the most basic idea.

Rational thinking!

All biblical’s are theories sent from god and we practice everyday, what makes your business any different?  You lack Confidence  and belief, so how do you expect to succeed?

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