Strategy Vs Tactical, all get it wrong!

The reason why many companies go through trial\error and invest so much on tactical because they think tactical is strategy. Once they understand the value of the road map, then they invest in strategy.
Clearly it’s a mindset problem! Change is inevitable 
Case Examples
Apple built on long term strategy with clear vision. Key words are innovation, simplicity, selecting market place and employee collaboration which is the heart of Apple’s culture. Apple stuck to the vision and delivered key missions, which lead Apple to disrupt key industries using technology. On the other hand Microsoft under the previous CEO, felt threatened by Apple, instead of focusing on revisiting their outdated strategy, they resorted to tactical approach & replicated Apple’s great values.
Rabea Tea in Saudi Arabia one of my favorite case studies, we should all learn. 
Rabea Tea did select a market segment but was confused between strategy and tactical, business and brand strategy lead repositioning strategy not marketing. They approached the repositioning strategy with tactical thats why Rabea today depends on tactical spending to move products of the shelves.
majority in the Middle East remain same size after decades in business because they lack strategy or they think tactical is strategy.

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