Personal Branding vs Personal Brand 

Personal Brand Vs Personal Branding. ( let’s get the basic right first before we parachute to fame)    
Most people even professionals get personal brand and personal branding wrong. I understand that both terms are interchangeable but both play different roles. 
Personal Brand is your core, the values you are, your core truth of who you are. Personal branding is the activity you carry to deliver the values and your story to all stakeholders. Branding is constant and timeless but you must remain authentic. 
I recently saw a post here on Linkedin and someone said “ Your personal branding”, no! The core is your “personal brand” that’s who you are, personal branding is the relationships you create. 
If you plan to search google on the term, read what experts share not wikipedia. Wikipedia relies on volunteers and not subject matter experts. 
Be careful what you read, if we can’t get the basics right, certainly we won’t be able to build a lasting brand. 

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