Coffee Effect but Tea!

Tea is boring!and ‘Kick’ by Rabea is very Functional while on the other hand, coffee is very Inspiring and Emotional so why did Rabea went off to associate a strong substitute and one of the main threats to ‘tea’ in their packaging design?

Coffee is growing fast in a Tea market. ‘Kick’ by Rabea is one of their newly launched products with extra caffeine, targeting coffee lovers. While tea is boring and coffee is social and inspiring, Rabea decided to launch a ‘coffee look a like tea product’ and named it ‘Kick’. We are all aware that caffeine as a Value is more associated with coffee and energy drinks than tea and in this approach Rabea is after the Value and Benefit of coffee. The Value ‘Caffeine’ and the Benefit thereof i.e. ‘Awake’, are both very strong Branding signals of coffee and energy drinks which is why in this area, Conversion strategy is required

I beg to ask, if tea and coffee are from two different worlds with the former being calmer and the latter being more of an energy booster, how does Rabea plan to sell the Value of caffeine with tea especially when it’s mainly associated with coffee and energy drinks? The Packaging color indicates a coffee product which gives the first impression and more credible reason to believe that the value caffeine is owned by and belongs to coffee

Following additional points of concern:

  • The promise of Rabea Kick is ‘coffee effect in the taste of tea’, very simple but very functional. Promises are best served Emotional and Branding is the human sense to Product and Services
  • This is a conversion approach in Branding. Conversion requires Perception change and this, by Rabea, is a wrong Strategy for conversion!
  • I wonder if there is a holistic Brand Strategy apart of from Positioning and Promise?
  • Short-term Sales as new product might excite the team but I don’t see this going anywhere in few years down the line
  • Why use Yellow? why remind your audience of Lipton? Lipton owns Yellow

I like the idea behind ‘Kick’ but the Brand Strategy is very questionable. If ‘Kick’ was introduced as Tea and free from any other product association, the potential would have been enormous. This is only possible with a correct Brand Strategy

Said Baaghil is the ‘Unconventional’ Branding and Marketing Adviser to reputable companies in the Middle East, author of many reputable books including the ‘The Power of Belonging’ and a Speaker. Baaghil appeared in books published by America’s experts on Branding and Marketing such as Dan Hill and Libby Gill. Most recently Baaghil was interviewed by world renown Brand Consultancy firm Siegel+Gale on Branding in the Middle East

He can be reached on

The article was first published on Linkedin Pulse on 10th January, 2015

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