Strategy vs Tactics

One of my crucial findings in the Middle East with Marketing professionals and CEOs is the confusion between the overall Strategic approach vs Tactical approach when it comes to Marketing. The struggle of knowing when the two are used and the values they bring. Most witness regional level Tactical Marketing followed by Tactical Advertising in which most are calling it Strategy. You can’t ‘Build Brands’ on Tactical Marketing, this why most are treated as Commodities

In FMCG sector, the constant use of tactical drives the organization’s mindset championed by the CEO or even the board in most cases to think tactical and extend the portfolio to enormous amount of SKUs only to achieve tactical goals (Seasonal Sales as they are known) but not to build sustainable Brands. If you look at the Brand portfolios of most FMCG companies, you’ll find two things:

  • Brand out of focus, ruined by Advertising that keeps reminding the audience about the Brand
  • These Brands are treated like commodities. The single reason for audience engagement is ‘Price’. Advertising benefits when Brands are treated like commodities (Price-driven)

To build GREAT Brands you need the entire organization to be of one single mindset and that’s rarely the reality with Family-owned or managed businesses in the Middle East

Said Baaghil is the ‘Unconventional’ Branding and Marketing Adviser to reputable companies in the Middle East, author of many reputable books including the ‘The Power of Belonging’ and a Speaker. Baaghil appeared in books published by America’s experts on Branding and Marketing such as Dan Hill and Libby Gill. Most recently Baaghil was interviewed by world renown Brand Consultancy firm Siegel+Gale on Branding in the Middle East

He can be reached on

The article was first published on Linkedin Pulse on 27th July, 2014

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