Diet Pepsi and the Lipstick Can

I have to give Pepsi a credit on the new color communication of Diet Pepsi can. The can being SILVER (Color of Evolution) represents ‘Slim’ and could be used as a mirror to put LIPSTICKS on (Flirty, my thought 😉 ).It perfectly fits their positioning of ‘Stylish’-ness…..that would be hard for other Diet Cola drinks to beat

Appealing to Style

Appealing to Style

Some might argue and say Coke came up with silver first, I agree but coming out first and staying Functional doesn’t help. Diet Pepsi took the action by switching from Baby Blue to Stylish Silver (a great move) as it allowed Pepsi to illustrate the Brand’s Emotional Attributes rather than compete with Diet Coke’s Functional Attributes. I must admit, its a great Emotional Drive considering the target audience including recently recruited opinion leaders in Lifestyle and Luxury markets to post about it on Social Medias. Look at the few posts on Facebook and you’ll notice one of them happens to be a friend and a Co-author

Targeting the upper tier segment is smart, it’s full of Opinion Leaders who provide massive following by endorsing your Brand on their own. I was concerned as to how Opinion Leaders would associate themselves with a mass market Diet Cola drink, especially within the Lifestyle and Luxury markets but after realizing the Brand’s Attributes, I realized what actually clicked

I hope they continue and focus on whatever they have started and not change half way, Pepsi has the tendency to change a lot. Over the past few years, Pepsi introduced 11 different Taglines since the classic ‘New Generation’

Said Baaghil is the ‘Unconventional’ Branding and Marketing Adviser to reputable companies in the Middle East, author of many reputable books including the ‘The Power of Belonging’ and a Speaker. Baaghil appeared in books published by America’s experts on Branding and Marketing such as Dan Hill and Libby Gill. Most recently Baaghil was interviewed by world renown Branding Consultancy firm Siegel+Gale on Branding in the Middle East

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