Equal selling Splenda?

Recently, Equal the Low Calorie Sweetener, decided to enter the Zero Calorie Sweetener category which was created and is led by Splenda

Equal’s Brand Management decided to enter Sucralose-based Artificial Sweetener category, in which the key ingredient is derived from sugar, introduced their new product in ‘Yellow’ colored sachets instead of their well-known ‘Blue’ that identified Brand Equal. In this very critical and daring move, Equal gave all the more reason to consumers to buy Splenda rather than their Brand. Why? Because the product known as Artificial Sweetener or Sucralose was discovered & introduced by Splenda

Equal goes Splenda Yellow

Equal’s move has endorsed the category leader Splenda because of its new Yellow look and using the keyword: Sucralose (this word along with Splenda’s traditional Yellow color are both registered trademarks of Splenda). This Visual Branding and Positioning has empowered Splenda to dominate the category for the long run without any substantial Direct Competitive Threats

Imagine if Sweet N Low (Low Calorie sweetener), the category leader decides to enter the Zero Calorie category and introduces itself in similar colors of Splenda; will it work? Obviously NOT. There has to be more reasoning than just ‘Copying the Color scheme’ to beat the Category Owner. Splenda will be selling a lot more Yellow Sachet sweeteners now thanks to Equal

Actions by Equal’s Brand Owners highlight a problem which centers around lacking focus and having ZERO understanding about the Power of Brands. In the coming days, I’ll be elaborating on this further along with other relevant topics in renown US publications that focus on the world of Marketing

Said Baaghil is the ‘Unconventional’ Branding and Marketing Adviser to reputable companies in the Middle East, author of many reputable books including the ‘The Power of Belonging’ and a Speaker. Baaghil appeared in books published by America’s experts on Branding and Marketing such as Dan Hill and Libby Gill. Most recently Baaghil was interviewed by world renown Branding Consultancy firm Siegel+Gale on Branding in the Middle East

He can be reached on AskBaaghil.com

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